Open letter to UTC (Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago)

I’ve been forced to send this to the UTC, because honestly, their system is crap… let’s see if they reply. This is a bervatum copy of the mail I sent over their “contact us” form:

Your online password reset is shit, sorry for the profanity but there’s no other way to describe it besides “Absolute and utter fucking diarrheic shit”, why do you have me enter a password in the damn thing, then have to go to a office to take a form, then come back to not remembering the password I enter and have to do the whole thing again… here’s why:

1) I forget password.
2) I request password reset, can’t use any of the last 10 passwords I’ve used, so it’s guaranteed I’m not going to remember it.
3) I take the form to the office (assuming of course I live in T&T, if I was a foreign investor I’d be fucked), this at best will be an hour after I request the password reset, reality is, probably a couple of days…
4) UTC takes an extra 3 days to reset the motherfucking password.
5) I obviously can’t remember the password without writing it down, and I have 3 attempts. I get blocked again and once again I’m fucked.

I think you can see what my problem is here, right?

All I want is to be able to see my damn account balances online, is that too much to ask?

I sure hope to find a place to put my money with somebody else soon instead of wasting my time with you…

Unfortunately, this being Trinidad and Tobago, I fear your mediocrity might be as good as it gets…


Roderick Smith


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