36 Years old Kendo beginner Christmas wish

Dear Santa:

I’d like to make a deal with you, I’ll help you make and distribute all the presents you need for the kids of the world, in exchange of one single tiny Christmas miracle: Please bring back the flexibility and strength of my body so I can do better Kendo everyday…



Five months into my kendo life and if I’ve learned anything is that I must be a real masochist… I can barely walk, my Achilles tendon on my leg foot is killing me, the first night I practiced “Fumikomi ashi” I thought I was going to pop out my right knee cap (thankfully I think I’ve corrected my footwork a bit, let’s not mention timing for now), and generally I think I was getting Arthritis and didn’t know (many joints complain after each practice) and yet I find that I love this thing more after each practice, pain and all… I’d gladly trade Christmas for Kendo practice any day of the year… it appeared into my life during a rough patch, and it’s really helped me overcome some of the overly depressing moments and feelings I’ve been having for the last couple of years, if I had one regret is that I didn’t find out about the existence of my dojo sooner., but I’m not going to lie, it’s demanding (really demanding), practicing everyday takes a big toll when you’re “old” (mid 30’s), overweight and had over 25 years without practicing a martial art (Karate for those who are curious). I have no aspirations of winning any championships (I leave that to the other guys) all I want is to be faster, stronger, and fight like my life depended on it; I don’t ask for much, all I want is to fight the strongest and overcome them, just so I can find someone stronger than that to overcome too.
Maybe I overdo it (I do kind of stand with my feet on “Kamae” position and move around sliding my feet everywhere I go – Makes for a few funny faces at the office); maybe too many years of bad posture and bad habits are knocking on my door to collect their earnings; or maybe I’m too weak; whichever way, I need to conquer myself, overcome my weakness and become strong, I will not  be defeated when all I can see is only the tip of the iceberg; but damn, I could use a bit of youth back…Merry Christmas everyone

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