Truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!

Freedom of speech doesn’t exist.

Everybody censors themselves to avoid offending someone else, and those of us who don’t are called assholes and casted away from the rest of society.

Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe we don’t belong in this “precious” society of yours. Maybe we belong in the dark where it’s quiet and we’re left alone.

I’ll go now, to be alone in the dark; at least I’m not a hypocrite fooling his own heart.

Off I go to cultivate my greed, because It will be what really sets me free. Off I go to make myself rich.

My first attempt at writing

I censor myself for the sake of peace on earth.
I censor myself for the sake of love among friends.
I censor myself so I don’t feed the hate.

Hate, a four letter word very much like love.
Hate, a four letter word that i know so well.
Hate, a four letter word in which I get lost.

Love, do I know what you are?
Soul, are you still alive?
Rage, can I live without you?
Life, do i even care about you?

For life, you are nothing but a constant  stream of tragic events.
Life, why do I have to go through you?
Life, you damn bitch… I can’t wait to get my hands on you.

Proofreading fail

How different can a phrase be if we put in (or remove) a coma.


Stop using Internet Explorer… PLEASE!

I found this online, and really agree with everything he says, so please give it a read and leave your comments if agree or disagree. The original post is here.


Don’t use IE

Why move off Internet Explorer?

Dear Internet Explorer user,

Why you should care? Because you are unnecessarily limiting yourself and also limiting others. Let me explain.

There are many advanced features in modern browsers, that you, users, can benefit from. They provide for websites that can be nicer, faster, easier to use and with broader functionality (e.g., some allow for real time updates of a web page, others for browsing history without reloading whole page, easier file uploads, and many many more). These are also easier and faster to develop for us, developers. Unfortunately, most websites simply cannot use these advanced features, because the site would not work in Internet Explorer and would be useless for many users.

This is the only page on this website, that works well in Internet Explorer. The rest of the site uses many of those advanced features mentioned. You can try browsing it with Internet Explorer and you will see how broken it is. If you want more detailed information, please visit sites like or

The usual argumentation why Internet Explorer does not support the advanced features is that they are not standardized yet. That is true, but any feature that is adopted by all major browsers becomes a de-facto standard and there is little reason to wait for some kind of official approval. Web technologies develop very fast, and such approach would be quite inefficient.

So here is my plea: if you use Internet Explorer and you don’t absolutely have to (e.g. because you have pre-installed software on your company computer and you are not allowed to install any new software), please install a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. If you do have to use Internet Explorer, try at least installing Chrome Frame, which turns IE into a usable browser. And tell your friends to do the same. You will help yourself to better websites and help developers deliver them to you.

Thank you very much

Josef Richter, web designer and developer

Gizmodo: Nothing Will Get You Out Of Bed Quicker Than a Roaring Wookiee Alarm Clock [Alarm Clocks]

Stop Mispelling

thanks to the

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling


Open letter to UTC (Unit Trust Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago)

I’ve been forced to send this to the UTC, because honestly, their system is crap… let’s see if they reply. This is a bervatum copy of the mail I sent over their “contact us” form:

Your online password reset is shit, sorry for the profanity but there’s no other way to describe it besides “Absolute and utter fucking diarrheic shit”, why do you have me enter a password in the damn thing, then have to go to a office to take a form, then come back to not remembering the password I enter and have to do the whole thing again… here’s why:

1) I forget password.
2) I request password reset, can’t use any of the last 10 passwords I’ve used, so it’s guaranteed I’m not going to remember it.
3) I take the form to the office (assuming of course I live in T&T, if I was a foreign investor I’d be fucked), this at best will be an hour after I request the password reset, reality is, probably a couple of days…
4) UTC takes an extra 3 days to reset the motherfucking password.
5) I obviously can’t remember the password without writing it down, and I have 3 attempts. I get blocked again and once again I’m fucked.

I think you can see what my problem is here, right?

All I want is to be able to see my damn account balances online, is that too much to ask?

I sure hope to find a place to put my money with somebody else soon instead of wasting my time with you…

Unfortunately, this being Trinidad and Tobago, I fear your mediocrity might be as good as it gets…


Roderick Smith


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